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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is Vintage? What is Couture? What is vintage inspired? What is retro?

The terms - vintage and couture has become diluted over the years especially since the dawn of internet selling and the recent popularity of vintage clothing.

So let’s define what these terms really mean...
Vintage Clothing is clothing that is at least 25 years old. So in the 2010 for clothing to vintage is must have been manufactured before 1985. Anything garment manufactured after 1985 is pre-owned, pre-loved or just plain used. Not all old clothing needs to be sold as vintage.
Couture was once applied only to the haute couture items created under the strict rules of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris. The requirements stated that couture must be made-to-order for a private client and include several fittings.

One of the modern uses of the term couture is when reputable vintage dealers use it as a way to highlight items that have been constructed (usually by hand) with meticulous quality and detail. When buying vintage couture or couture, remember that fashion designers have lines of clothing that are manufactured as ready to wear (RTW). The vintage couture designer RTW is still a valuable garment and something to be proud to own. Most of the vintage couture listed on vintage clothing websites are vintage RTW.

Currently, the label “Vintage” is now being applied to brand new merchandise in many retail stores. Fashion brands are incorporating the word into their names even though their items aren't authentic vintage, just vintage-inspired.

Retro Clothing is the wearing of styles in the past. This way of dressing includes garments and accessories that are characteristic of the past. The garments are generally made new with vintage patterns. Also, retro clothing can be used in an exaggerated way such as rockabilly style or pinup girl style of dressing.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring fashion is beginning to roll in with the spring weather. Designers recently took to the runways to display their visions of trendy for the upcoming months. The prominent theme of Spring 2010: Classic Femininity.

This spring is a return to simple, clean lines and classic shapes. Fashion designers are blending the best of the ‘50s with the boldest of the ‘80s therefore creating some striking silhouettes.

Neutrals are taking center-stage, and the styling looks simple at first glance but the subtle details are going to make all the difference. The Structure is key. White jean shorts are out, but white shorts with a hem or button detail are perfect when topped off with creams, light grays, or beige button-downs and checked patterns floated down the runways with white skirts and simple cardigans.

This spring...girly is the way to go. Even masculine pieces such as military-style jackets are paired with flirty skirts or tailored pants. The ripped jeans and textured tights of last year are out of style. Timeless fashion pieces that your grandmother would have been proud of. If classic is not your preference then try bold prints, intricate fabrics and blazingly bright colors to brighten the most austere outfits.

The new trends have the incredible versatility for bold tops can be made more demure by pairing with a simple skirt; structured jackets are softened by organic inspired shirts and simple jeans. The best news, thanks to a few vintage treasures that you find from a vintage clothing shop or your favorite vintage clothing web site can make your entire spring wardrobe is financially feasible.. Be amazed at how easy it can be to piece together astonishingly cutting-edge outfits that express their individual styles with the members of VFG(Vintage Fashion Guild).