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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage Stores on Etsy

Don't forget to shop at vintage clothing sellers on ETSY.
Fashion Chic Clothing
Bliss Vintage
Vintage Land
Wizard Clothing
Thrift Store Mafia
Spectacle Vintage
Latte Kitty
One Girl's Trash
Magoo Vintage
Vintage Mafia
Foo Foo Vintage
Fancy Pants and More

Fight Vintage Funk & Stuck Zippers

Buying vintage clothes is one of the best ways to find pieces with style and quality for far less than you'd pay today. But often they have that tell-tale smell emitting from them. The fix for that vintage funk is a lot closer than you think. "All you have to do is mix one part vodka with two parts water in a spray bottle," says Janie Bryant, the costume designer for Mad Men. "It works every time—that's the power of vodka for you." From www.valetmag.com

A stuck zipper will cause you unnecessary frustration with vintage clothes. Take some lip balm and run it along the teeth, above and below the slider. Then pull it up and quickly down. No Chapstick? Rub the tip of a No.2 pencil on the track.
From www.valetmag.com

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fashion Top 7 Vintage Dress Tips for 2010

No 1. Every woman should have a fabulous cocktail dress on hand.
This Cocktail Dress is Indispensable Ninety Years Later. This Dress very fashionable and Flappers formal-casual outfit wear.
No 2. Use inexpensive costume jewelry to elevate an outfit.
Coco Chanel & her rival Elsa Schiaparelli both introduced lines of ornate, affordable faux baubles at the start of the decade. This vivid array of bangles can add a fashionable spark of personality to your closet basics.
No 3. A strong shoulder begets a smaller waistline.
The padded shoulders and puff sleeves favored by movie star Joan Crawford, and years later by Dynasty’s Joan Collins.
No 4. Invest in a structured, ladylike handbag.
Grace Kelly was photographed carrying the boxy style to shield her pregnancy from the paparazzi, sparking a craze for the newly christened “Kelly bag.”
No 5. Recharge your look with bold prints.
The Age of Aquarius was all about rebelling against the prim and pastel styles of the 50s. Psychedelic music, free love, and pop art went hand in hand with the graphic patterns and far-out colors of the time.
No 6. Give yourself a vertical―yet manageable―boost with a platform shoe.
The platform was around in the 30s and 40s, but it wasn’t until decades later that this style, characterized by a thick sole that offers height without the discomfort of spike heels, became the symbol of an era.
No 7. Leggings aren’t just for dance class.
Movies such as Flash dance and Fame glorified the lives of dancers and prompted a fad to get physical.