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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recession aware Fashion Week spotlights the Power '80s or Classic looks

For fall 2009, the 1980’s are back and so is vintage dressing. Women can look forward to wearing shoulder pads, bright colors and grays for the serious minded plus power suits. This runway season have designers bringing us the empowered female silhouette of the 1980s in classic designs to New York Fashion Week.
Hitting the right look at the right price will be important to today’s fashion conscious woman who will be either going with the classic or something really special and unique looks.
Some of this years looks are shorter lengths, bold colors, wide shoulders, practical wool plaid, wrap dresses and draped collars. This season, dressing has abandoned frills in favor of textured surfaces with firm, slim architectural lines, that is focused on the waist. There are like pine green, slate gray and copper. There was also there is a reminder of earlier era of hard times: small jackets, skirts over the knees and even cocktail hats, reminiscent of women in the 1930s Depression years in some designer’s collections.
There are many vintage clothing sites that the cost conscious woman can draw from for the look from the runways without that runway price. Now is the time to let your fingers do the browsing through the vintage clothing folks at VFG and Babylon Mall.
Runway looks from the Ralph Lauren fall 2009 show. (Chris Moore/Karl Prouse)

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