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Monday, March 16, 2009

Vogue Fashion Fantasies

Try Vintage for the working women trying to live out their Vogue fashion fantasies on Target budgets, vintage clothing offers may possibilities.

Scarves have been the number one accessory to update your look. For spring, wear a lightweight scarf tied in a traditional knot or wrapped casually around your neck. For summer, wrap one around your head like a headband for a retro look. Look on the vintage clothing sites for vintage scarves.
Try a brooch. Wear brooches in clusters with a black dress or cardigan in place of a necklace for an elegant look during the day. Bringing out the rhinestone brooches in the evening up jazz up the office dress for a wonderful evening out. Attach a brooch to a ribbon to create a necklace. A matching set of brooches can serve as shoe clips.
Then there is a statement necklace that can stand on its own. Wear one for daytime with a T-shirt and jacket. For evening, pair it with a little black dress. Create your own statement necklace by layering two or three necklaces for a multi-strand look.

•Have fun. Take photos. (Hey, when are you going to be caught in a black pillbox hat with a mini veil again?) Don't be discouraged by the chaos you'll likely encounter – digging for that polyester jumpsuit is half the fun!
•Think before you buy. Some clothing may be difficult to alter. Ask yourself, "Is the price worth the wear?"
•Be flexible on your size. Clothing sizes were different 30 or 40 years ago.
•Be brave and occasionally try on styles that might seem downright odd or take some brainpower to figure out on the hanger. It could be your next favorite outfit.

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