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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So: will you buy new vintage this winter or buying the real thing actual vintage?

Yves Saint Laurent unveiled "New Vintage," an eco-friendly capsule collection using recycled remnant fabric from past YSL collections in June 2009.
Sometimes, you just have to stick with what works. Yves Saint Laurent recut some of its iconic pieces for Barneys New York in June.. The New Vintage" collection started with dip-dyed bustier dresses, embroidered trench coats, and separates in plasticized cotton—all strictly limited edition, numbered, and unique. Using (using leftover cotton drill fabric), and the collection promptly sold out in days.Does that mean safari jackets made from Yves’ original left over fabrics or a reconstructed le smoking jacket made from pieces he actually sewed?

Now Pilati is now doing new vintage, the remix, in larger quantities for holiday shopping season. The YSL Edition New Vintage range will include styles from the archive and will be made from a several fabrics from company inventory, according to WWD. Styles will go out to flagship stores in Paris, London, Milan, New York and Hong Kong in early December. If you are worried about the environment, you can take heart that the new-vintage styles will continue to reuse YSL leftovers.
What do you think about "new" vintage? I don't just mean the Yves Saint Laurent collection but the concept as a whole. Would you rather buy something that is really actually vintage, or a new item that is just dubbed as vintage? Recycling old materials into new pieces is a great move for the luxury brand. I applaud Yves Saint Laurent for recycling but I do love the hunt for true
vintage items.

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