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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Take the vintage challenge and do it well!

Those who opt for the vintage style should be ready for the astonished eyes. Many people believe that the use of vintage clothing requires courage but I believe it is only a matter of attitude. You can include vintage items in your everyday wardrobe and add elegance to your daily appearance.

To begin enjoyable and successful, try to make small changes to your wardrobe so you do not look like a time machine. You can wear vintage clothing in a contemporary style. The selection of your look can be the best part and can become your true art. A combination of modern and ancient can be very elegant. There are many vintage clothes and accessories to choose from.

By focusing your image in general, you can adopt a certain style. Know the characteristics of the vintage style that you want to wear. If you do not feel knowledgeable about the style do research. Look at old movies in the era that you favor or visit www.vintagefashion guild.org on the web.  Be inspired by fashion icons and those who are already "pro" vintage fashion like Kate Moss and Sandra Bullock. Remember current fashion designers use the vintage designer such as Chanel, Poiret, and Vionnet as inspiration

However, you can combine your personal style with some real chic accessories such as handbags, belts and scarves. Try a pair of jeans or trousers with a bow blouse or dress with a modern vintage leather belt can be a good option. When pairing these items correctly; a colorful dress can be used successfully with a pair of this year's gladiator sandals.

The final step is to find that vintage piece to purchase. This is probably the most exciting process. You can shop your grandmother's attic, a local vintage shop in your area, or with any of the vintage clothing internet dealers that are members of the Vintage Fashion Guild.

Remember these garments  know history so use them as pieces of your history. Good luck Vintage Hunter!


Vintage Diva

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