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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Style, Glamour & Elegance

Whatever happened to style?
Where has glamour gone?
What happened to elegance?
It was not long ago that American women had it all!
They looked like a million bucks.
It was expected and people noticed you.
You turned heads. You had cachet.

It is now the time to do it again.
We need to wear the same designs that put the American woman in the spotlight.
It is time to turn the sidewalks and office aisles into our own personal runway.
The goal is to wear the things that are timeless, functional, and beautiful.

To rediscover what it feels like to walk down the street and have heads turn
And to have eyes follow you’re every movement as you walk
Confidence, pride and style is every woman’s right.

It is time once again to walk in style.
Be the woman that you were met to be.
So shop vintage!

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