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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hats of Bill Cunningham from the New York Times

What a surprise I had when I was reading the New York Times this morning and found out that their writer Bill Cunningham had created some marvelous hats starting in the 1950’s . His colleagues in The Times’s photo got him to  share photographs of the hats he had concocted decades ago as an aspiring — and very imaginative — young milliner.
Mr. Cunningham designed his first hat for his mother to wear to the World’s Fair of 1939 and she decided not to wear it.  He continued working as a milliner under the name William J. because he did not used his last name because his family was embarrassed until the late 1950s.
 Mr. Cunningham’s inspirations came from nature. He enjoyed working with feathers. His hats were different but stylish. In the New York Times article he said that he did not make a living off of his designs but they paid for themselves. He said that he didn't  think that many sold  because he created exotic hats.
I would love to be able to wear one of his little cocktail hats. I think his hats would be such fun to wear.
Please go to this link and see the wonderful hats that he created.

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