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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Women in the 1930 had style but not a lot of clothes. Style comes from wearing a hat cocked just right and shoes that are shined, and putting yourself together before leaving the house.

The 1930s had terrific dresses, sensible yet feminine shoes, and cloches. To get the look right by starting with the right foundations. Back then, women wore girdles, and stockings hooked onto garters. The bras have to be right, and slips are worn.

For those who want to check online for the correct underpinnings, try GirdleShop . While some vintage girdles are available on other sites but remember girdle fabric doesn't hold up to the decades.

Also , you need to have the right shoes.

The dresses for the 1930s, you need to look for dresses with no back zippers. The dresses had side zippers. And while we're talking about the genuine silhouette of a dress then - no shoulder pads and from rayon print material.

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