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Monday, October 24, 2011

How to shop for fabulous vintage clothes

The clothing is more than something you put in the morning. Clothing represents – its values, its style and identity. There are so many different styles people choose to represent themselves. Vintage clothing is a specific style that many people are making their own. In fact, vintage clothing has set the fashion world on fire.
Not everyone understands what is vintage clothing. It is clothing that comes from an earlier era and are available in limited quantities. In fact, no two vintage clothing items are exactly alike. While there are a large number of people who appreciate vintage style, not everyone knows where to go to buy these items. It can be difficult to find quality vintage shop. Access to good fashion should be easily available to everyone.
Vintage clothes never go out of fashion. To find great fashionable vintage pieces you need to have a good eye and a plan. Before you go vintage shopping, you need to access your existing wardrobe. Look at your skirts, slacks, and favorite jeans especially. One of the easiest ways to put together a great vintage outfit is to pair a vintage piece with a modern piece you already own. This will make shopping easier on you and your checking account. So remember to pair with the basics that you already have.
Know what you love because vintage clothing shopping, it can be overwhelming. When shopping on line and the web site may haves more pictures than you can process. The sellers on line are trying to help you see the clothing from all angles plus any flaws that that the clothing may have. Take your time. Always ask for help by emailing the web site when you find that vintage piece that you are thinking about buying and ask questions.
Find styles, or time periods that you really love and fit your body style. Always do research on vintage clothing before starting to collect and wear vintage.
You need to know about the sizing of vintage clothing. A size 6 today is NOT the same as a size 6 from 50 years ago. Vintage clothing is generally 1-2 sizes smaller than they are today. Sizing has changed with each decade, so the truth is that although you might wear a size 4 in 2011, you could be a 6 or 8 in 1940s-era clothing. When shopping online, most vintage seller measure the garments flat. Check the site’s sizing charts or measuring policy of the web site that you are shopping.

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