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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comeback color---1980's Electric Blue!!!

1980’s electric blue is making a comeback. Fashion experts say there's a new way to wear it. Electric blue looks best when paired with minimalist accessories. You can't do too much or then you're the bad '80s comeback but if it’s a simple style, cut and pattern, it will work. You wouldn't want to do the handbag, earrings, dress, and eye shadow together. There's been resurgence in metallic look and we have bags in light silver and gray that is a good accent with blue. Delicate silver jewelry and a crisp white handbag looks great, and chartreuse also goes really well with that peppy blue.
One reason it's so popular right now is that the color is surprisingly flattering on just about everyone. It works on so many different skin tones and is beautiful against sun-kissed skin and will make you stand out in a crowd."
The good news is that the trend is here to stay -- at least for the next year or so. In New York, bright blue is going to continue throughout spring next year so just pair that summer dress with high or low boots and you're good for fall. It's one of the best transition things you can do."

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