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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Zandria Rhodes is back!!

Please met a wonderful fashion artist from the 1970’s who is still creating. She is queen of British haute punk. She is famous for her personal eccentricity as for the clashing colors and vividly exotic prints she has shown on the runway since the 1970s. Recently, her talents are once again being appreciated. She has introduced a flamboyant makeup collection for M.A.C., furs for Pologeorgis and a jewelry line. In New York last week she fluttered about in a squiggle-patterned jumpsuit with butterfly sleeves, a look from her spring collection for Topshop, the fast-fashion chain based in London. She was here to talk up her latest venture: a line of lambskin handbags patterned with her exuberant prints. The latest designs represent her design identity that mixes the ethereal and the raw with motifs inspired by Native American, Egyptian or Chinese culture.

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