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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall’s Best Looks

Now is the time to check out your vintage closet, favorite vintage on-line store, or your favorite vintage shop in your home town to find the best looks for fall. The runway designers are bringing back the tried and true looks for this fall. So it’s time to go vintage hunting!

Look for

  • A camel coat
  • Trouser suit
  • The new grey is army-issue khaki
  • Feathers and lace
  • Understated suits, sweaters and simple cover-ups
  • Tabards
  • A-line tunics
  • Stripped-down leathers
  • 1950s skirts that emphasize the waists of their wearers and ladylike skirts worn by June Cleaver
  • Long hair fur stoles, jackets and vests. The good news for those who prefer not to wear the real thing is that fake furs are just as hot as vest, short jackets and long coats for this season. If just a hint of fur will satisfy you, there are chunky knit sweaters with fur or a scarf edged in fur.





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