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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Items lurking in your closet that just gotta go……………………

No matter how much you think that love any of these things; it is time to part company. They make you look frumpy. And forget about keeping them for stay at home time. This is a new fashion season and it is time to examine what’s hiding in your closet. Do you have a fashion mistake lurking in the dark waiting to come out and snicker at you? Do you have horribly dated items in the closet that need to go and I am not talking about true vintage items? Do you just need more space for this season? It’s time to purge.

Do you have?

  • Holiday sweaters with the cutest bears, reindeers or Santas, pumpkins, bumblebees or bunnies? Out, Out, they go…
  • Grandma necklaces showing everyone how many grandchildren you have. It not a fashion statement, your grand children are not jewelry.
  • Did you go on vacation and came back with the souvenir T-shirt? Or do you have T-Shirts with funny sayings. Shame on you for wasting your money.
  • Overalls. Have your started farming?? If not then out they go!
  • Jeans that don’t fit are painful to wear, acid washed or ripped. Their time is at the end.
  • Muumuus. Unless you are living in the South Seas, Muumuus are not fashionable. Donate them to Goodwill.
  • Penny loafers. Keep if you are still in elementary school then think twice before keeping the penny loafers. Otherwise let them walk out of your life
  • Oversized blazers. Get rid of them they make you look overweight.
  • Mommy Robes. If you have more them one then toss them. It is okay to keep one for when you want to frump out in private.
  • Granny undies. You know the ones that are stretched out and baggy. Remember what your mother always wear clean underwear in case of an accident. But add to your Mom’s statement always wear clean sexy underwear.
  • Short shorts. Oh please unless you are a size zero and gloriously tanned, and young, give it up.
  • Cargo pants. No one needs that many pockets. That is why the fashion goddess made handbags.
  • Stockings with reinforced toes. Have a pampering pedicure and get the sheer stockings.
  • 3 piece suits with vests. I know the 80’s are back in style but it was not the greatest fashion statement in the 80’s. A woman needs to look feminine not corporate.
  • Backpacks. No woman should wear a backpack during a regular day. The only time you should use a backpack is when you are hiking, camping, or mountain climbing. Ditch them for everyday.

So how fast can you get them out of your dresser draws and closets and on their way to Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any local Charity thrift store? Oh, don’t forget to get a receipt for tax purposes.

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